Updating payment information in every month just because i dont keep money on my card for online pay


!I would like to pay month by month.!

If the automatic payment is unsuccessful then I need to replace my payment information. Instead, it would be good have a button to retry the payment manually on the my Ring dashboard.

Sorry, I’m not an US people who have full filled MasterCard for accepting wanted UNWANTED payments.

(Here in Hungary you can have virtual card, just for online payment, and when you want to pay something you have to top up it But just for specific pay.)

So, why there is no button to retry the payment, instead I have to recreate my payment information.

Plus when replace my payment information the service not charge it, i have to leave my money for wandering charges … totally silly things leaving a card filled with money for the world …

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We will certainly pass along your feedback and suggestions to the appropriate team, @cscsaba. Be sure to also share your feedback in the Feature Request Board


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