Updated Ring App now cannot add the device(camera)

had to update the ring app on my android phone then after updating it i had to set up camera all over again----the main problem is now i have changed the original email that was attached to the camera in original set up and now when i try to change to my new email and create a new account it says the camera is already registered to another user when i scan the QR code on the camera— i cannot seem to add the camera without getting this message i maybe mucked this up myself any ideas how to solve this problem?? Garry

Hi @user45909. A Ring device can only be set up under one Ring account at a time. You would need to sign into your original Ring account where the Camera was originally set up, and not the new Ring account you created with a new email address. If you’re unable to access your original Ring account, please follow up with our support team for further assistance with your accounts and Camera.