Update the Windows 10 App

Why does it need to be requested that a very important aspect of Ring camera’s feature set, namely the Windows 10 App, needs to be updated with the latest features and abilities?

The Windows APP is incredibly important for people working from home and yet I understand it is no longer being updated?

Update Windows 10 App, update Windows 10 App, update the Windows 10 App.

How many times does it need to be said and by how many people?

Hi, was just wondering what has not updated in the windows app?

Mine just updated and nothing has changed, plus when I ‘upgraded’ my doorbell to a pro2 that doesn’t show in the windows app. Feels like this is a legacy item that Ring are just updating when they must, to keep in the Microsoft store.

Yes I totally agree with the original request please fix the Windows 10 app.

I can’t see the ‘Security’ Section under devices where my Alarm Base Station Should be listed.

I’m sure it’s been posted here before and yes, I did read the notification somewhere on the OK, so why isn’t it being fixed? Feb. 17th of this year was a long time ago. I really prefer when I’m working from home to address alerts and videos etc., from my desktop rather than my phone. The original two RING devices still show up on the app, but not this newest one that I purchased during AMAZON Prime days. The phone is fine for when I’m not home and want to check in. What is so wrong about issuing an update for the Windows app? C’mon RING…just do it.