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I just received an email about my Smart things skill stating there is a new version coming out. I have pasted below the entire email. I’m hoping this may at some point help others if they start to have problems with the skill.
To our valued Alexa customer,

We are writing because SmartThings has created a new skill. In order to continue using Alexa to control your devices linked to SmartThings, you will need to log into the new skill by September 21, 2020. Failing to do so will prevent Alexa from being able to access any devices linked to SmartThings.

You can log in following these steps:

  1. Enable the new SmartThings skill through any of the three options below:
    a. SmartThings app: ‘+’ icon (top right) > Voice assistant > Amazon Alexa > Allow
    b. Alexa app: More (bottom right) > Skills & Games > Search bar (top right) > Search “SmartThings” > Choose SmartThings skill > Enable to use
    c. Browser: Visit the SmartThings skill page (https://www.amazon.com/SmartThings/dp/B0875KVMK6) and select “Enable”

  2. After you have enabled the new SmartThings skill, you will need to place Alexa in Discovery mode to link the skill with your device. There are two ways you can do this:
    a. Alexa app: Devices (bottom right) > ‘+’ icon (top right) > Add Device > Scroll down and select Other > Discover Devices
    b. Voice: Use your Echo device and say “Alexa, discover my devices”

Note – If you have previously set up Routines with the legacy SmartThings skill, you may need to recreate those Routines after you’ve enabled the new skill.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Amazon customer service.


Customer Service Department

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