Update causing failure to connect.......

I received notification of a Ring firmware/software update yesterday. Shortly thereafter my Ring device went offline. I replaced the batter today and tried to get it to reconnect but it continuously tells me “Offline” and I cannot get it to connect even when following the instructions. It seems the latestt update has severely degraded the Wi Fi connectivity function. What can be done about this? What can you do to alleviate the problem? Please assist!!

Sorry to hear about this @stuahoutex67! An update should not cause this, and is intended to improve or optimize your Ring devices. Just like a Live View, the speed of an update can depend on signal strength, as well as the speed at which a settings change can take effect.

After sometime, if your device is still not reconnecting, try a power cycle by unplugging or removing the battery for 10 seconds. The method of power cycle will depend on device model, of course! If this does not resolve your concerns, our support team is always available to assist further. :slight_smile: