Unwatched Videos marked as NEW or

I’m going to go out on a twig and guess I am not the first to recommend this but I couldn’t find a similar topic.

While on the Ring app dashboard, it tells you how many new unwatched videos you have yet to watch when events have been recorded. The number on the dashboard, however, is not always correct when you get a notification at the same time as opening the app and if it’s more than 9, you never know exactly how many videos have yet to be viewed. Most times I just count back through the timeline or history from the most recent video and into the past or guess where I stopped watching but it sure would be nice if unwatched videos were not only “marked” on the dashboard, but also, when you open the timeline or history for a certain cam it differentiates videos you’ve already watched from those you haven’t so you know exactly where to start viewing on the timeline or in history.

*For context, I live on a busy street in a bad neighborhood so ALL events need to be monitored. I get around 20-30 person detection events per day so knowing what I have seen and what I haven’t without getting lost in the timeline would be time saving.