Unexpected user survey

Yesterday at 07.38 bst I received a survey request from ring asking me how an agent handled my enquiry … I have not contacted Ring for at least a month so wondering what that is about… no requests for 2fa so don’t think it was someone trying to access my account.

Anyone else get an unexpected survey?

I will check in with ring tomorrow to see what they say…

Hi @snigehere. Typically, when you reach out to Ring support, you may get a survey after your support request. Normally the survey is sent out within the first week of your request but sometimes they are sent out later on, which may be why you got the late request. This is something that is automatically generated, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it. If you’d like to verify, you can contact support and they will be able to assist you!

Thanks… I checked with support and they told me it related to a call back in August… clearly the automation for sending the survey needs some work.

The survey has no context in the email so its impossible to know what it relates to and sending it 2 months after the event is somewhat pointless

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That is the issue I have run into as well. Just having a brief description would be very helpful.

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