Undo Linked Events - How do you do this

I can not seem to find a way to unlinked one c as m from my front doorbell cam.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hey @Kramstar. If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > any of your devices that have a linked feature > Linked Devices! You will see a Linked Devices tile in each device’s profile, so feel free to go over all your devices’ Device Profile to ensure the Linked Devices is as it should be. :slight_smile:

I have view the Linked Devices on all my Ring products and each says “do nothing” with all other devices.

I even tried to link a device so i could unlink and save the setting. However for 4 days of trying to link a device, I always receive the same message when I try… “Something went wrong” Try again which leads to an endless loop leaving me the only option that is “Discard changes”

AND the device is still linked

@Kramstar Could you try uninstalling the Ring app, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the app? After this, go ahead and give it another try. If this continues to persist as you’ve described, could you please take a screen recording of you performing these actions? Once you have the screen recording, you can zip the file and upload the zip file as an attachment to your post! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem with all of my cameras. I have uninstalled/reinstalled with phone restart with no change. Attached are my phone pics.

Hi @Meeps. After taking a look at your screenshots, it looks like you were able to unlink the devices as they are all set to do nothing when motion is present on another device. Are you have a different concern where they are not linking?

Hi Meeps,

I finally resovled this by deletinging the camera that was triggering the event.

Closing down RING then adding the camera back on.

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