Unbale to reconnect after new WiFi

I recently upgrade my WiFi services with a new WiFi network and Modem. On my five stick up cameras, I was able to change the network and update the password with no problems. On the one spotlight camera that I have, which is about two years old, I was unbale to do this. I can get the camera to flash blue, but then it states it’s unable to join the network ring set 2b. I called support and they tried several times to reset to the new network, but were unable to and told me the camera was now bad. As a consolation, they offered me 35% off a new camera. I even deleted the camera and reinstalled it, but that didn’t help and I get the same message.

Hi @user55929. If you’ve contacted support and they’ve suggested buying a new camera, the camera you have may have reached it’s end of life. This means that the issue it is having may not be fixable.