Unauthorized access hatch breach exposed

Is it possible a neighbor has hacked my ring network?? I have saved recorded video of issues with a neighbor, who happens to be the pd blue. I believe they have hacked into my security network. The videos I had saved of them are missing.

How do I stop them from accessing my cameras and wifi?

Hi @user55741. Videos from your Ring devices can only be accessed via your Ring account, so I’d suggest resetting your password if you’re concerned about any unauthorized access of your account. Two Step Verification also helps prevent unauthorized access. You can utilize the Control Center to manage the security of your account. Any security concerns with your wifi network should be addressed with your internet service provider, as they can help review your network security settings.

I’d also suggest checking your Video Storage Time, as the videos you were looking for may have passed the set storage time and been automatically deleted. If you ever want to save a video for longer than the storage time, you will need to download the video from the Ring app so it’s stored on your phone. I hope this information helps.