Unacceptable you can’t rotate video on outdoor Stick Up Camera!!

Haha it says problem solved but it’s not though . Just update your software to support this feature instead of promoting a hardware solution so you can make more money .

As a software dev, i know this is so easy to do probably already in the code but has been commented out. This is the reason i dislike companies like ring , its all for profit not consumer satisfaction . First they force you to use a video cloud saving subscription service when some of us would prefer to save videos to Nas devices on our network and then this . SMH. if only there was a way to load a custom firmware hey lets see.

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So why did you name it stock-up then?!

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Wow. This is complete garbage. I wouldn’t have bought a ring system if I knew this. Just installed today figuring it was a basic function.

Ring you suck.

Add one more to disappointed customers.

I bought an entire home security system with 5 cameras + doorbell.

While I am happy with the overall quality these sort of small but important missing features make it very frustrating.

Ring team please make a software update for video rotation ASAP!


I feel, but I have to say, the bigger picture is:

A Ring customer is a happy customer for years. Some Cloud camera manufacturers have to discontinue service before you’re even done using their product (see GuardZilla for a great example). And then the customer is stuck having paid a subscription sometimes for a year, with a camera that doesn’t work on its own because the Cloud end of the service has been turned off.

Generic Cloud cameras tend to lose Wi-Fi and have to be reset-repaired, and again you’re always at risk of them turning off their servers.

Ring. Doesn’t. Do. Any. Of. That.

So while I’m IRRITATED that I can’t rotate one view for one of my clients because of some design limitation I don’t know and can’t imagine is even real (you can rotate other cameras including the tiny plug-in indoor camera, which I regularly hang indoors in windows upside-down), the bigger picture is Ring delivers a *working* product that *just works* and *resumes service on its own* when it goes down.

Not even Arlo can compare to the ease of using Ring. And I’m still not convinced Arlo will be here in two years.

So it’s not all bad with Ring. I would still encourage you to choose Ring over any other Cloud camera product.

Edit to add: Even though I make less when I install Ring than I do when I install super-high-res NVR systems, Ring is the *only* Cloud camera product I recommend for now.

~ daniel ~

I’m not buying the “water would leak from the bottom up” excuse. Why? Because it’s mounted inches from an overhead structure, most people would mount under a roof awning — so unless water can some how get immediately below a roof awning, I don’t think that’s an issue.

Feel like I’m going nuts.

I was sure the feature was there.
Moved some cameras around and now I find that I have to spend 33% of the cost of the camera to physically rotate it when the features were already there???

Very poor customer orientation.

Love the products.

Won’t be investing in any more until you sort this out.

With the supplied hardware included, it’s visibly capable of installing from ceiling without the mount accessory.
It’s a safe assumption that all security cameras with today’s technology have rotational view capabities. especially at this price point. Except for the stick up cam from Ring.
Not too many consumers are fans of prescreening installation instructions as well. You’d think that software developed last century would be integrated into cameras or a a top mounting plate design. To offer no remedy other than spend more money is slapping subscribers in the face.

BEYOND FRUSTRATING!! I paid extra for a “premium product” and I cant even rotate the video. This is 10000% a money grab and I’m really questioning my purchase now. I may just bit the bullet and sell my other ring products now. I was planning on purchasing several of these over priced cameras but I now have a feeling that this was a bad decision on my part. I was using old cell phones and a crappy app but got the urge to “upgrade”. Turns out a hacked together old cell phone system with a 2 dollar app is better than the almighty ring products. CRAZY!!!

Hi Ring, you make a nice product but the software should really allow to rotate the video. I’m using also the internal cam and that works just fine. I installed already the outdoor stick-up cam up-side down thus I wait till you are adding the rotation feature into the software release… thanks for supporting your customers !! Keep it cool please!

The outdoor cam seemed to tick every box. Now it’s going to be returned. Ring seem to think they have solved the problem, which there clearly is as they have a special mount. £70 for the camera, £20 for a mount, nope.

As a follow up. I think the reason you cannot turn the outdoor cam upside down is it would not be waterproof that way up. So a software solution, the obvious cure, is not the problem.

Just put up two cameras. Front and back. Can’t rotate the image so I’m now throwing a tantrum.
Is this not available because in one orientation the camera could get water damage because if it isn’t why the hell isn’t there an option to flip the image.
You should at least have a huge label on the box stating " Camera can only be used in one odd crazy orientation when placing on ceiling or roof. If you wish to place on ceiling or roof please also buy our overpriced mount. Thank you". At least then this thread wouldn’t be humungous in size.