Unacceptable you can’t rotate video on outdoor Stick Up Camera!!

Why is this saying the problem as reported is SOLVED??? when it clearly isnt as there is still no function to flip the video using software…only paying out more money unacceptable

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Not as much “Solved” as it is “Closed”, meaning Ring will no longer address it. They’ve given us their answer and apparently that’s all they’re going to say about that.

Time to look elsewhere for an IP camera company that actually listens to its customers and does something about it.


I just learned this lesson the hard way myself. It is ridiculous that you can buy a $30 dollar camera that has more functionality than one that cost $100. As was already mentioned this is not some expensive hardware change and simply requires some coding to make this possible. Super frustrating as I now am the proiud owner of two usesless paperf weights as I am not able to return them to Amazon.

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Please make this possible! Not that hard to implement and standard on all cam’s. It is just an easy firmware update? thx

As someone who has recently purchased 14 ring cameras for two different locations and recommended ring I too find this unacceptable. There is absolutely no logical reason why users shouldn’t also be able to rotate outdoor cameras. I may have to reconsider my recommendations to the many other friends and family who ask me about my cameras…

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My new Ring stickup cameras is being returned to Best Buy. Totally unacceptable and easily fixed with a camera firmware or app update. My GoPro has auto rotate as does my phone. I plan to tell everyone I know and not recommend Ring.

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And, this is not an acceptable solution. Because of space limitations and to get the desired field of view, I had to mount my stick up camera at 90 degrees. It is not possible to spend the extra $20 for an accessory that would not fit the space anyway; a scrap block of wood worked fine. It’s a simple software upgrade. Advise investing in improving your current product line instead of coming up with new gadgets.

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The block is screwed to the post. The zip tie is for the bundle of yards and yards of cord that come with the solar panel.


First, I agree with the majority of people on here…Ring should update the app to allow us to rotate the image for ALL their cams.

Second, I understand why Ring stopped allowing rotation for their outdoor cams…they are weather-resistant in the correct upright orientation, but not updside down or even sideways. Considering Ring warranties (and extends the warranty for Ring Protect Plus) their outdoor cams, they would be losing money by all the claims by those inverting their outdoor cams (yes, water or dirt will eventually get into the electronics of the inverted cam).

So, what is the solution to appease everyone?

  1. Ring adds the functionality to the app to rotate the view of ALL their cameras, including outdoor cams. (It would be a great feature to have 360 degree adjustable increments, so that a user could physically install the cam however it best fits, then “level” the image in the software.)

  2. In the app, when the user toggles the “Rotate View” to “On”, have a popup that states something like, “By using this feature, the warranty will be VOID for this cam if water or dirt intrusion is found to be the cause of the issue.”.

This solution doesn’t cost the user any more money, is quick, and costs the least for Ring (a software change is way quicker and costs way less than changing the harware to make it waterproof/IP65+).

Problem solved? We all happy now? If so, click the Kudos (below) so that Ring sees this and takes note and gets this feature done.

Stay safe and well, Aloha!


Please let us know when the firmware update will be available providing this feature. Otherwise we can return these and go with any number of competitors.

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NOT SOLVED! Having to purchase a ceiling mount at $20 each is definitely not an acceptable solution for a customer but is a great way to hide cost so your camera looks to have a more competitive price. Information regarding this issue should be displayed on the front of the packaging in a nice large font, i.e., “MOUNTING THE CAMERA ON THE CEILING REQUIRES THE CEILING MOUNT ACCESSORY”. At least be honest with the people that will keep you in business, I will be returning all this equipment as I prefer to purchase products from an organization with integrity and respect for its customers.



I posted about this issue, along with my solution, in the Ring Community Feature Request Board and need you all to give Kudos to it so those in-charge of development at Ring will take notice and get this done. This could be a fairly quick feature change for Ring, but you need to up-vote my suggestion with a Thumbs-Up/Kudos, so please click the link and vote!


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My outdoor ring cam is mounted and hardwired. What do I do to rotate that video?

Haha. Solution: give us more money.

I’ve had a Ring Doorbell for about a year now and really like it. I wanted camera coverage for my back door too so I bought a Stick Up cam and mounted it above the back door. I was having trouble angling the camera so I could see more of the back yard instead of directly below the door, so I pulled the little rubber piece off of the back side of the camera and moved the mount there instead, which was perfect.

However, I went into the app to change the orientation to match how I mounted the camera and was shocked to see the option didn’t exist. Uh… why? What’s the point of even putting a second optional mounting screw on the back of the device if you can’t even set the camera to orientate the video that way?

As a workaround I just rotate my phone and watch the feed that way. Still, it’s dumb that I have to do that. Makes no sense.

This is very poor from ring. If you sell the stick up cam as featured as and indoor and outdoor, the functionality should include rotating the view settings. The solution to purchase a ceiling mount is, to be frank, unacceptable.

I searched how to rotate the view and was given a solution on ring. However, that seems to be for certain models only.

I am very happy with ring’s products but this is a massive oversight and should be rectified as soon as possible. Is there not a software update to resolve the issue?

I feel there is some misrepresentation on ring’s part and would appreciate a timely response.



If you want Ring to provide a solution to this problem, you need to click HERE and vote it up by giving it a Thumbs-Up/Kudos!

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Couldn’t agree more. Surely a simple fix to rotate image. Please address ASAP or I will return camera.

I just bought a video doorbell and had to mount it horizontally. Can’t believe it doesn’t have the option to rotate the video image! I’m about to return it if this isn’t resolved ASAP.

That is not an answer for an overly simplistic need. This is horrible. I have the same issue, and WITH A STICK UP CAM!!! The mounts are totally inflexible as well, making them even worse. This along with your recent software updates which virtually cut the detection of motion distances in 1/2, you are not paying attention TO CUSTOMER NEEDS AND SAFETY!!!

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What is complete frustrating is that your help directions are incorrect. You cannot fix this in video setting. Please adjust your help guidelines. It really starts to waste people’s time. You highlight it on the box, but no where does it show a “clamp.” What kind of clown is running the support staff? Please try and do the right thing the first time. It leads to greater customer satisfaction.