Unacceptable you can’t rotate video on outdoor Stick Up Camera!!

Every competitor out there allows users to flip the video to accommodate ceiling mounting cameras.

It’s simply unacceptable for Ring to not have this included in the software.

I just bought 4 cameras, installed two of them, and I’m about to return them all to the retailer I bought them from.


Sorry to hear about this experience @GreatGatsby! Your Stick Up Cameras can certainly be mounted on a ceiling for a normal view. This is best accomplished with our adjustable mount accessory.

Additionally, our Indoor Cam does feature actual video rotation, but is, of course, designed for indoor use only. I will share this with the team, as we always value neighbor feedback! :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree with the above post. It is a simple update, and when buying the newer generation cams you’d expect them to have the same capabilities as the lesser priced models without having to buy extra hardware. I am currently unsatisfied with my newer generation stick up cams. I love my Doorbell Pro, and purchased 2 stickup cams for inclosed indoor/outdoor areas (3 season rooms). I had to mount on a wall and have less view unless i buy extra hardware, when my fathers indoor cam thats half the price can just rotate video…

I was also told the sitckup cams had lighting to capture clear video for 30ft. 10ft away from my cameras at my back door all I can see is dark silhouttes when someone walks by in the dark. The other is positioned right in front of my drive way… It sends me motion notifications everytime a car drives by on the street, but you can’t even see the sides of my car which arent even 15 feet away. These cameras do not do what they say unfortunately.

I am also lost on the fact that I can’t make it so it isnt detecting the traffic in the street. The other ring devices I have, I can choose where I want the motion detection in a varitey of ways, whether certain door ways, or being able to completely draw out on the app where i want notifications from… the new stick up cam all I can do is choose left right and center… so there is no way for me to cut the street out of the motion zone.


I totally agree with this. Not everyone might have access/facility to mount the camera vertical. With today’s technology it should be possible with a software update. Not to mention this is a fair expectation from a client who purchased and subscribed to your product and plans.


I’ll chime in with the above complaints. I’ve had Foscam cameras for over 7 years that have the flip video option so it can’t be that difficult to program.

Go ahead and bite the bullet and either let the camera mount go for a ridiculous price (like - included with the camera) or update the firmware that will make the camera mount obsolete (except for the odd placements).

If you wait to update the firmware after you’ve gone through your supply of camera mounts, that’s really going to upset everybody who bought one, especially the last ones.

This sounds like a budget decision (or if I’m being cynical - a greedy decision) and you’re not taking the consumer’s brand loyalty as seriously as you should.

Full-disclosure - I’ve already bought one camera mount but I won’t buy another.


I 100% agree, this needs a rotation option. I bought an indoor/outdoor cam - and most of the time setting up a camera outside involves mounting it from the top - so a rotate option should be there. And if it’s not there, we shhould have been made aware at purchase or it should come with a mounting hardware that allows you to rotate the camera itself.


It says it in the installation instructions on the site. Desk or wall mount. Same as the pictures.
I attached a screenshot.

It’s confusing and misleading because there is also an “indoor cam” which CAN rotate. Why not just extend the same programming to these cameras and allow you to rotate as well? It sounds like many others are disappointed to find that these cams cannot rotate video along with myself. Hopefully Ring can fix this issue.


Agreed. The camera setup asks if it is indoors or outdoors. There is no reason why a camera which is more expensive can’t support the cheaper cameras features.


Everything works fine in summer last year when I bought 5 cams…mounted in front of my house and rotation was an easy in app function…but now…what the hell is going on with you guys from Ring…Please put the function in app again or I can throw all my cameras in trash…this is so annoying!!!


I’ve had the new outside cam since it launched. It never had the rotation as a choice. Only the new indoor ones did.

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Hey neighbors! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. While we do not have the functionality in the Ring app for you to rotate the Live View for your Stick Up Cam, you do have the option to rotate the Stick Up Cam’s physical position if you have the Stick Up Cam Mount. Please note that this mount is only for the 2nd and 3rd generation. This mount comes in black or white to match your device so you can get the perfect view, while also having it show correctly in your Live View. You can visit the Stick Up Cam Mount link that I provided and see a picture of how the mount was used to get it mounting onto a ceiling or eave.

I have made sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team as we are always striving to make the devices and the experience for our neighbors better. Additionally, to clear the air, the only device that can have the view rotated at this time will be our Indoor Cam under the video settings for this device.



seriously…this is about a basic feature that you can get on a cam. I’ve received this cam in th epost about 2hrs ago…have just found this out.

Your solution of buying an additional mount is not actually acceptable…I get it, that if you need more flexibility of angles etc, then perhaps you get one…but the space it takes up, the additional cost…just for a basic feature is unacceptable.

I purchased this camera 5 days ago, waited for that length of time to receive it…now returning it after 2 hours.

awful, awful, awful… I don’t think you guys actually understand what customers might actually want.


The mount should come as standard with outdoor cam, here in the UK it costs £20 ! For a cheap bit of plastic. You can buy better after market metal mounts for around a third of that price !


I bought 2 stick up cameras. I googled how to rotate the view and there is clearly a solution that was provided at some point by ring for these cameras. However, when you look for “rotate video toggle” as stated in the directions, that option is no longer in the app. Based on related comments, the option to 180 the view was definitely there at some point. So mounts were created and now you’re making customers who were using the rotate feature go buy them or watch the feed upside down. That sucks! This is such a inconvenience. I will just turn my phone upside down to view the video until I can find time to take the system down and return it. Seems like false advertising to me. I’m not buying your stupid mount.


I completely agree! Unacceptable!


For real! How is this even possible? Indoor yes and outdoor no. Wouldn’t the cameras have the same guts and firmware. Posting my displeasure on Amazon now


Stop talking to us like we are dumb. We know this is a simple software solution, and we know you’re just trying to sell an unneeded accessory.

This is how you lose business.


+1 this is a stupid problem…

Just spend the morning hanging a couple STICK UP Cameras outdoor protected under overhangs… and now I learn that the picture can not be rotated in firmware.


Seriously? this is amazing. HomeDepot about to get a handful of cut open boxes back because they can not be installed upside down… unfortuantely I need to hang these from a roof… so they are useless for me.


I’ve just installed the outdoor cam (having previously installed 2 indoor cams) - and have found to my horror that there is no way to flip the image on the outdoor cam. The “solution” which involves customers having to spend more money is quite frankly a disgrace - especially when the simple software solution already exists for the cheaper model indoor cam!!

I am now questionning whether to replace my entire ring system . . . . . I’ll be adding my thoughts to my Amazon review.