Unable to view Alarm Pro stored video

Hi folks,

I’ve got a (new) Ring Alarm Pro with a Protect Pro plan. I have three security cameras and two wired doorbells. I set them up with the eero base station to record locally. They all appear to be storing video on the SD card as I can go into the Ring dashboard and view the videos. I can also download them (which first uploads them to the Ring servers). Everything works exactly like it’s supposed to.

EXCEPT, I tried to pull out the SD card and pop it into a desktop computer and even though I can see the file structure and all the mp4 files, they will not play. They won’t play on any platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) or with any video player. There are a bunch of errors complaining about the format of the video streams that don’t seem super helpful. Also, there is no encryption turned on, not End 2 End or Storage card. It’s all supposed to be in the clear.

Has ANYONE been able to watch video directly off the SD card? Any ideas? I can post the logs I get out of VLC when I try to view them if it would help.