Unable to Unlink old Ring account so I can link new account - Directions did not work

I’m going in circles with Amazon and need help. The directions to unlink/link ring/amazon accounts do not work in my situation.

I bought a Ring camera in 2020 and created a Ring account, linked with my Amazon account. That camera didn’t function properly. I no longer have it.

I just bought a new Ring product a couple of weeks ago. I tried to sign in with my old Ring account but did not have the password. I attempted to change the password but was prompted to call Ring for help. They told me that since I no longer have the old Ring to verify the serial number, I need to create a new Ring account. Then to contact Amazon to UNLINK the old Ring account so I can link the new one.

Amazon’s instructions did not help. They gave me a link to the Ring alexa skill and told me to disable it then enable it again with the new Ring account. The skill was not enabled to begin with. So I enabled it. It asked me to log in with my current Ring account, which I did. The page told me my ring SKILL was linked to my amazon account… But the accounts were not linked. because my old Ring ACCOUNT was still linked and I could not link more than one account.

How am I supposed to UNLINK my old account if the directions do not work in my case?

Hi @user69248. Regarding your original Ring account, do you no longer have access to the email address associated with this account? If you still have access to the email address, you should be able to request a password reset and log back into your original account.

If that’s not the case, then you would likely not be able to get back into your original Ring account. Since we cannot view account details on the Ring Community, I’d recommend following up with our support team to take a deeper look at this. You may also need to contact Amazon’s support if our support team is unable to resolve this.