Unable to subscribe to Basic Protect Plan in UK

I want to subscribe to the Basic Plan option when my trial ends on 24th May, however the trial says I’m on Protect Plus (huge overkill for my single doorbell when my house uses other camera systems as well) . No matter what browser or device I use, selecting the Get Basic option simply takes me to my account Live View with a doorbell history below. If I select the Protect Plans from another thread it takes me to a US Dollars page, but even that doesn’t work (not that I’m prepared to pay in US$). I tried what I thought was a webchat option, but turns out to simply try and match answers to your questions with a ‘yes’ only option to the Did This Help question after each answer. This isn’t a massive MUST HAVE for me, but it does seem inordinately difficult to subscribe to a basic plan monthly or 12 months in advance.

This is sorted now. I had to use the web portal, then select account, then select my plans and then follow the leads to purchase the basic Plan. Massively convoluted method and very confusing even to a tech savvy person like me. Honestly Ring, this should be something done via a single ‘purchase plan’ button in the app with no need to use web pages.