Unable to set up All New Chime

I got the all new Chime today but I am unable to set it up. Each time I get to the stage where it is trying to connect to my Wi-Fi Network it starts flashing a green light then red light and this just continues. I have tried restarting my modem a number of times and this hasn’t helped.

Hey @Adurna. Is this your first Ring device you are setting up, or do you have other devices already set up in the app? If this is the first device, please ensure your network settings are adjusted to have all ports and protocols opened to allow the device to connect. If this is not the first device, please reset the chime by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds, and then trying to set it up again. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi i tried. Reeboting my router and resetting the chime as we3 but it still doesn’t connect and shows red light

Any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks in advance