Unable to scroll to see recordings on web via computer AND no dashboard tab

I’m trying to review and download videos on my computer but the way the page is set up, the list of event recordings is below what’s viewable on the screen and there is no scroll button to reach it. If I shrink the page to 50% I can see a couple of of events and scroll that way but it’s too small for me to read it and I need to see the whole list. Not just two at a time.

When searching the community forum I saw that someone asked about the same problem in December 2019. There was a reply tht they’re working on fixing the issue. 5 months later they still haven’t fixed it??

As it is right now, the web site is completely useless to me. Can anyone help?

Also, I don’t have a dashboard tab. The instructions for downloading videos say to go to dashboard tab. Is that part of the problem? Do other people have dashboard tabs?

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Sorry to hear about this experience @CMS123! I just tried with my account and was able to log in at Ring.com/account, view the alarm modes at the top of the page, and was also able to scroll continuously to view all events in history, including accessing the download option.

If it helps, I did this in an updated chrome browser via Mac/OSX. What device are you using? Also feel free to share a screenshot or example of this concern. In regards to the dashboard, this is usually referenced in the app rather than the browser, but can generally mean the main, or first, page.

To download a video from Ring.com/account via web browser, simply click on a video event and the options to share, delete, or download should show right under the video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am experincing the same problem as the OP, using a Dell with updated Chrome and IE. There is no way to scroll down in either browser to view the camera history. I am trying to share video with local police, so this is an issue.

Any other PC users have a solution? Thanks!

Hey @BMer. Are you able to download the Windows Ring app? You may have a easier time downloading the video from the Windows app if possible. Let me know if that works for you!