Unable to Log In to Ring Account

I was having issues logging-in to my Ring account using my cellphone. I’ve read a few suggestions from the Ring community such as, deleting and re-installing of the app; restarting my phone after re-installing the app; and changing my password. None of them worked!

You know what the only issues was? Being connected to my VPN! Yes! You’re VPN! If you are connected to your VPN it won’t let you log in to your Ring account.

I realized this upon logging in to my Ring account using my laptop with my VPN on. It wouldn’t even bring up the Ring website. The moment I switched off my cellphone’s VPN, boom! I got my life back!

Hi @user48548. That is correct, the Ring app is not compatible with the use of a VPN. You can learn more about this here. VPNs can sometimes cause technical issues, and we want to ensure the Ring app performs reliably.

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