Unable to log in through computer and through phone app

I’ve been unable to log into my account today through both the website on my computer and the app on my Android phone. My last successful login was 2 days ago, but now it seems that my password is incorrect online (nothing has changed for either my or my husband’s logins) and on my phone it either can’t find my location or I “don’t have” wifi. Um, yes I do, strong and steady. I’ve rebooted my modem, cleared cache on my computer, restarted my phone, turned off wifi on my phone and used cellular, all to no avail. It’s highly annoying, and I haven’t found an outlet at Ring to get this corrected.

If any of you have helpful suggestions, I’m open to them. Located in Arizona, USA. Thanks!

Clicking on the large red banner across the top of the page will lead you to Ring’s current status.

Thank you! I now see that they’re showing there’s an issue. I’ll put my knives away for now, haha.