Unable to email ring

I tried sending the following to ring but there is no way to contact the company. If you know how to contact them maybe someone can fwd:

Please forward to the appropriate dept. for neighbors comment feature.

I find the majority of comments are jokes and sarcastic which are not helpful to the conversation or community. This should be resolved so your service does not become something that people just don’t use because of all the useless comments/noise.

Maybe RING can rate commenters based of how many “unhelpful” clicks they get - too many and they get flagged for review. If they are just posting nonsense then they get a notification of suspension of being able to post. Again and it’s another suspension… etc.

The usefulness is going away. RING needs to address the issue for the neighborhood feature to stay relevant.

Thank you

Hi @4f0c9e9ecdf96a0076d8. You’ve reached the Ring Community, a public neighbor to neighbor forum. While there are neighbors and Community team members here to offer guidance and suggestions, our support team does not monitor this platform.

If you would like more information regarding posts on the Neighbors app, you will need to reach out to communityalerts@cs.ring.com. This will get you in touch with the team that monitors the Neighbor’s app, and they can provide more information on why the post was not allowed. Please note that they may take 48-72 hours to respond to you via email.