Unable to change or modify order for unavailable equipment

I recently ordered two stick up cameras. One a battery and one a plug-in. During my selection process, I carefully removed black colored cameras because they had a significant delay. I carefully checked my order, with white units selected to assure that there was stock available. I quickly received the plug in unit with no explanation about the battery cam. I checked my order and it said it was shipped and received. Further checking revealed that the order had been split with no explanation. After two weeks, I contacted support who said the unit would ship within the week and I’d be notified when it did. Another week has gone by with no information, so a second round of contacting support. I asked to change the battery to a plug-in on the order so I can complete my security set-up. Their helpful support team can’t help with an answer better than (now) 3-4 weeks delay. I can’t change the order and my only option is to ask to cancel the order for a refund.

When asked about who else I could speak with, I was sent a link to the Ring Community and after wasting another hour to set up and find a general questions, here I am with nothing more than information on really bad shipping and customer support.

Any reason I can’t modify my order so I can complete my set-up or is that not even a remote concern for Ring?