unable to add floodlight cam to pathway light group

I have spoken to customer support without success. I try to add a floodlight cam to my pathlight group of lights. It repeatedly tells me to try again later. I have tried rebooting all hardware, uninstalling app, updating firware, and trying android and iphone versions. When i try to add the floodlight cam light to the group under the floordlight cam settings, it says http 500. Any help would be apprecited. thank you!

Hey there, @mikenyc. I would recommend that you create a new light group, and then add all the lights that were in the group you’re having issues with before, over to this new group. Once they are in the new group, try to add the Floodlight Camera to this group, and see if that fixes your error message!

If it still happens, a good backup option is to link your Floodlight Camera to turn on when motion is detected with your smart lights through a feature called “Linked Devices.” You can see this in the device profile page for your Floodlight Camera and in your smart lighting group and will need to enable it under both device profiles.

Let me know how that works for you!