UK Installation Ring Pro 2 - wired and Honeywell DW915 -wired

HI Guys, looking for some help with the installation of my new Ring Doorbell Pro2 (wired) and Existing Honeywell DW915 digital chime (wired).
The doorbell is supplied with transformer 24vDC and the chime operates on 8vDC. If you’re able to share a diagram, it would be really appreciated as currently my Ring app is the only thing that rings when someone is at the door.

Hi @user51435. As you can see from this compatibility list here, this chime kit is not compatibility with the Ring Pro 2.

Thank you Tom,

I had checked out this list which hadn’t listed the 915 as incompatible.

Perhaps they have updated.

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Hi @user51435. The Help Center article you shared is specific to users in the US and Canada. The one I shared is for users in the UK. Happy to clear this up for you. Cheers.

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