Two way communication volume? Thank you

How can I control the volume when I’m talking to someone outside? Thank you

Hi @user68298. Which volume are you trying to control, the volume playing from your phone or from your Ring device? Additionally, which Ring Doorbell or Security Camera do you have? The model name is located on the Device Health page in the Ring app.

I’ve just installed a ring doorbell and also a chime to go with it. The problem is if I’m trying to have a two way conversation the volume is way too high. You can hear the conversation down the street. I’m asking is there a way to turn the volume.
Thank you in anticipation

Sorry just read your post again… It’s the volume from my mobile when I’m trying to communicate to someone outside… ie after they’ve rung the door bell. Thank you

@user68298 I’m not sure which model of Ring Doorbell you have, as there are different models (Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell Pro, etc.), and some of the settings available will differ slightly between models. Only the Doorbell Pro 2 has a volume slider in the app to control the speaker audio for Two-Way Talk. None of the other Doorbell models have that option. To control the volume of audio playback on your phone, that would be done via your phone’s volume control.

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OK this is what I ordered from Amazon UK:
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) by Amazon | Wireless Video Doorbell Security Camera with 1080p HD Video, battery-powered, Wifi, easy installation | 30-day free trial of Ring Protect | Works with Alexa

@user68298 Thanks for that. As mentioned, only the Doorbell Pro 2 has a volume slider in the Ring app to control the speaker audio for Two-Way Talk. The Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) does not have this, only a volume slider to control the ringer volume.

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Ah OK, not very satisfactory but thank you :raised_hands:

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Is this a basic capability which will be updated/added to this device? I have also just installed a Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) only to find that the volume of the two way communication is FAR too loud for our community. Talking at a normal volume in to our echo device sounds like a person shouting in the street outside outside our front door - so I can’t use this for fear of annoying all our neighbors.
I’d prefer not to have to uninstall and return the ring + echo having gone through the whole installation and setup process - but without any way to reduce the volume to something like a normal speech level it isn’t useable

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