Two step verification to shared user old number

Hi there

My wife can no longer access our account as a shared user as Ring keeps sending her a two step verification request to her old number which is no longer available.

I can’t see any other way (such as email) for us to get her access again.

Resending an invite to the original email address reverts back to the two step verification which we can’t action.

Any way to mitigate this apart from using an entirely new email address which is a hassle?

Hi @Phil9. Since your wife can’t receive the verification code anymore, she will have to use an alternate verification method. Here are some other methods to try. Once she has logged back into her Ring account, she can update her phone number under Account Settings > Phone Number. I hope that helps!

Hi i have similar problem, i can’t access my Ring account since the phone number for two step verification is no longer available. I try to phone for tech support but it ask to login to acces the support. I have access to the gmail of the account but not the phone number and this was the only two step verification method that have been set yet.

Could you reset the two step for let me able to set a new phone number?