Two-step mania

We have 3 computers/laptops in the house, 2 smart TV’s and my phone. I look into our Ring Cams frequently from which ever room I’m in - especially when a notification comes in. Getting pretty sick of having to redo the 2 step verify over and over and over throughout the day… no matter if I check the 30-day box or not. I need a solution for this including shutting off the 2 step. I’m active with changing my pwd and use the complex setup with over 35 years of computer experience. I don’t really need a two step while I’m in the house. Never did before for any other logins and never had issues.
— Please help!

Have to agree with you about this. The system they have is way over the top. Even to post here, you have to enter a verification code. What are they afraid of??

Hi @timlig. There is no option to disable two-step verification. When selecting to stay logged in for 30 days, it should do so. If it is not doing so, try the following steps:

  • Verify your web browser is up-to-date with updates

  • Try using a different browser.

  • Disable any active VPNs

  • If you are using AdGuard or something similar on your laptop or PC, it could be logging you out of your Ring account. Go to its settings and disable Ring.

I hope these steps help.

The two factor authentication is pain and you can’t disable it. It should be up to the user if they want to enable / disable the two factor authentication. Will be phasing out Ring products and return the 2 Ring video doorbells that I just bought.

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