Two Ring Alarms - Alexa Guard (two locations) Select device to use with each Alarm

We have two houses and two Ring Alarms. We also have Alexa’s at both locations on the same Amazon account. Alexa Guard is a great idea, but it does not work appropriately with two systems/locations .

The Alexa Guard enables on ALL Alexa devices (regardless of their location) when you arm the Ring Alarm. For this to work, you need to be able to select which Alexa Device (Guard) is tied to which alarm system.

Example: In the current working mode, if Alexa Guard is tied to house & alarm #1. But if I drop and break a glass at house #2 or have a window broken at House #2. Alexa-Ring will initiate the alarm from house #1 and dispatch police to house #1. This could result in unnecessary response by the wrong police dept. There could also be damage by the police trying to get in to check on the wrong house. Not to mention police not actually responding to the right location.