Two plans paid for - both now not showing!?

I have bought two ring cameras and paid for two yearly protection plans. Only one of the payment plans is showing on my account as paid for and both the app and my online account says that both cameras not covered!

£34 times two paid in good faith and I’m not getting the service that I paid for!

How can you raise a formal complaint in writing to Ring?

Hi @PhilM_1. For Ring Protect plan and billing inquiries, you’ll want to reach out to our support team for assistance. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we’re not able to review account or billing information. Our support team will be able to take a look and make sure everything is in order with your plans.

I want to make a formal complaint in writing - what email address can I use for this?

I am out of pocket for a service not being provided and an automated response on a community page which offers little actual help is not sufficient

Hi @PhilM_1. Once you contact support via phone, they will send you a follow up email and you can reply to that email. You can also send a message to @Ring on Facebook or Twitter. There is not a specific email for formal complaints.

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