Two Phones using same ring app

Being new to this, I have fully installed the ring app (have not wall mounted it yet) on my phone, went through the password set up, etc., etc., etc. It appears to be working fine. Now, will my husband, in order to use it, have to go through the whole set-up process also on his phone, or is there a possible short-cut. We do have Alexa by the way Believe it or not, I do not know anybody with ring or I might have been able to ask them.

Hi @Laddie. First off, welcome to the Ring family! I’m glad to hear the setup process is going smoothly for you so far. Since your Ring devices are setup under your email address and your Ring account, your husband will not need to set them up again under his Ring account. You would simply need to add him as a Shared User, and he’ll be able to access the devices from his phone as well. You can follow the steps in this Help Center Article to add him as a Shared User. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Just have hubby download app on his phone.

Then have him sign in with “your” credentials.

Will then work as though “you” are signing in from a different device.


EVERY thing done by either you or hubby will show that it was done by you.

But, if you did NOT do it, obviously hubby did it.

“I” think this option is the best way.

I have used it myself from the very beginning.

But, if you would rather set him up as a shared user instead, then by all means do so.

Whichever you pick, you can always switch to the other if you later decide to do so.