Two motions back to back

The Ring Flood Light and Doorbell does not record motion that is back to back. Yesterday I had someone break into my house. It recorded him coming up the stairs but not when he left. The second recording that did not happen cannot be added to the police report. I didn’t have a second record that shows that there is a huge security flaw in the Ring.

Do you have Battery cams? If so the this may explain why there is no second motion triggered video you expected.

The Battery cams have a “cooldown” or sleep period before a new motion will be recognised. This is a feature of all the battery cams to help save battery power when there is a continuous motion.

It does not help in this case, but you can reduce this sleep period to a minimum by setting the Motion Frequency setting to “Frequent”.

The Wired only models do not have this cooldown between motions.

The are both hard wired and set to frequent.

Hi, just to clarify there is no Frequency setting for Wired only models like the FLC and doorbell PRO as they all should simply start another video if there is continuous motion after a few second gap. I am not sure why your FLC did not trigger a second video. Have you been able to test it to see if still wont?

Wiring a battery doorbell for tickle charge does not charge or any features apart from Ring button light being lit. The Frequency settings on these Battery doorbells does control the gap before a new motion will be recognised, and it’s a feature to reduce battery drain that the Wired models are not affected by.