Two Factor Verification - SMS Never Arrives - Cannot access online account.

I am quite new to Ring products but set up went well. I set up TFA as SMS and that worked fine initially BUT NOW for some reason the SMS’s never arrive - nada / nothing. The problem is this locks you out of your account completely because if you try switch to receiving the code by email in the app, you’ve guessed it they send you an SMS which I do not get, to allow the switch!!

Fortunately my wife is an authorised user and can still sign in and receive SMS codes but does not have authority to do some things although enough to send this message.

Why would anyone set up TFA with no way of sending a message “I am not receiving SMS codes” and then go through support.

This has to be the most irritating way of deploying TFA ever invented, here in the UK even the Government Tax sites allow your device to be remembered for 7 days without a new code!

By the way my phone has no problem receiving SMS codes from any other bank or organisation.

Any advice on how I can log into my web account when I never receive the SMS codes?

Hey @Clone_W. You may need to switch over your 2SV verification method to email instead of text message if you are finding that the SMS messages for the Ring verification code are not going through. This way, you will need to just check your email to get into your account. You can learn more about this in our Community post here. If you still cannot get into your account to make this change because of this, please visit our page here to see how to contact support.