Two Factor does not work

How can I remove this second level security? When I purchased these Ring cameras, I could log into my account on my computer using my email and a password. I used it often when on the road I could see the back yard etc.

Now I have to wait for a code which does not work at all for me! I use a third-party spam filter; it takes 20 minutes for an email to pass through the filter even if it is white listed. By the time I get the code it has expired! Besides If I want to look at an image, I want it now not in 20 minutes.

If this was the way it worked when I purchased the cameras I would not have. Besides I have a good password I do not need the second security.

Ring needs to make a way for people to opt out if they desire instead of forcing users to us it, I guess I will not be using the cameras much nor will I purchase more.

Shame on Ring for not giving people the option!

Hi @playpar. Thank you so much for you feedback on your experience that you have been having. I will make sure to pass on this information to the appropriate teams for you so we can look at making improvements to this for the future. If you can, are you able to switch over to getting that code via text message? You can learn more about how to do that in our Community post here.

Text would be a bit better but I do not always care my cell phone.

Just replying to this was a pain in the you know what, I had to log into my third party spam website and view your coded. It takes way to long and getting not worth having the cameras

It cannt be that hard to write the code to allow this option, in fact you even have the old code just need to update it

That link just tells me about it, it does not tell me where or how to change to text

@playpar My apologizes that it wasn’t more clear! If you go into the Control Center from the main menu in your Ring app and then select Two-Step Verification, you can alter the option you want from there. We’ve definitely had feedback from other neighbors, specifically in the Community, that wish they didn’t have to deal with the Two-Step Verification (me included, as you could imagine :joy_cat:).

Although, as you use the same login as you would for the Ring app for Community, it may be hard for us to work around this. We’ll of course update our neighbors here in the News and Announcement board if this is to come, but thank you again for the feedback! Hoping you find texting to be a bit easier. :slight_smile:

How do I do it on my computer? I do not use the app on the phone, I really do not use my cell much at all.

this is why Ring may prove to be not worth it for me.

It was again very dificulate to reply to your message.

@playpar If you go to, log in at the top right. Once logged in, hover over your name at the top right, and then click on Control Center. Select on Two Step Verification, and then enable Text Message instead of email from there. :slight_smile:

I did as you suggested. in doing so I noticed Two-Step Verification was turned on, I turned it off. Will this work? and if so why didn’t someone say that I could do this?

@playpar Sorry if I’m a little confused, but how did you achieve this? There is no way to turn off Two-Step Verification at this time, only an option to use text message or email, but it is required. I just want to ensure you are referencing the same thing. Feel free to show me this feature being off with a screenshot if you can!

image attached

@playpar Thank you for that screenshot! I can definitely clear this up for you. So this is under the Account section, which will be a different handling than the Control Center. If you go through the steps to “Turn Off” here, it will redirect you to disable SMS verification, and then re-enable email. Then, this section in Account will show as “Turn On,” which you can select to go back to SMS verification over email. Regardless, a verification code every time you log in is still required when accessing your Ring account.

I will admit that this language under Account should be updated to reflect more of what this section does to avoid confusion, so thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I’ll make sure the appropriate teams are aware of this to get the verbiage updated for future to avoid confusion! :slight_smile:

This whole thing is a pain, had I known I certainly would not have purchased these cameras.