Two Factor Control and new INTERNET process vice Desktop AP

Well, it looks like Jeff Bezo’s AMAZON Company has Finally messed up the RING Systems we all bought. This Transition to a new Internet site rather than a Desk Top Ap just opened up the door for Hackers to monitor Our Houses now and their 2 Factor Idea is completely Asinine. I shouldn’t need an e-mail with a code to Log Into my RING System. As far as the RING System being Injected into a Internet Ap rather than a Desktop Ap I believe you are allowing more Computer Hackers the ability to get into our systems, not to mention the SMART Home Controls for Lights, Doors, Temp Settings etc… I may be leaving RING due to these Changes. Can I get my money back when I return the system to you?
By the way, RING was Bought out by AMAZON’s Jeff Bezos back in 2018 so AMAZON is the one directing the changes now.

It doesn’t matter which, desktop app vs web app, if a hacker has your account information and you don’t have two factor authentication turned on then it’s not going to matter browser vs. app.
You should be wanting to embrace 2FA from companies as that helps your accounts remain secure. Trying to deny that there are hackers out there that aren’t wanting to break into your accounts is naive in this day and age.