Two factor authentication

Hello, i tried to enable two factor authentication on my phone number, i live in kuwait, i tried the request twice and didn’t receive any message. Can anyone help me with this ?

Hey @RockieCrow! As we value both your security and your privacy here at Ring, this concern would best be resolved with our support team. Feel free to give us a call, at 800-656-1918, for further assistance with this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

hello Marley,

I can’t Access international calls, can you please call me instead ? I’d Appreciate it.

00965 51154146.

thank you.

Hey @RockieCrow! Our Community is a peer to peer environment where neighbors can interact, share ideas, assist one another, and ask questions. If you are needing additional or in-depth support, we recommend reaching out to our team either by chat or by phone.

We have various phone options for reaching us below:
  Call Us

More numbers can be found on our contact support page at :slight_smile:

hello Marley, i don’t have access to international calls, can you please call me ? or connect me to a chat room !

The method of two factor authentication used by Ring is obsolete and prone to hacking – see this article (one of hundreds) highlighting Microsoft’s alarm about this:

RING: please get your IT folks up to date asap and get with Authenticator apps, NOT two factor authentication via text!!

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Come on you guys. I just received an email from Ring instructing me to switch 2FA to receiv the authorization code text message.

Subject: Important Reminder: Update Two-Step Verification to Text Message

Right after Microsoft has begun pubically warning people to cease using this method of receiving an auth code!

Please get it together. This does not look good coming from a company supposedly providing security.