Two factor authentication six or eight times a day

The website requires a login and two factor authentication every time I look at it which could be many times a day. The cell phone app does not so it is wide open. I am told there is no option to turn off or limit two factor for the web but was advised to “use the app on my phone”. My phone is connected to the Internet so the risk on my phone is equal to the risk on my laptop. I do not understand why a customer cannot opt out of two factor authentication on the web. I use an 18 character password that uses alpha, numeric and symbol characters which would be very hard to crack.


I always have an option to check a box that says “stay signed in for 30 days” when I log in via laptop and the web site

Hi @Kgpeck. Are you asking about or For, you can check a box upon login to stay signed in for 30 days. Clearing the cache or cookies will log you out again, even if you have checked this box. When you log into your Ring Community account, the option to say signed in for 30 days is not available. For Community, your log in will time out after one hour of inactivity.