Two Factor Authentication Options

For those who work in environments, or go places without their cell phone near by; when, will email or a phone call be reinstated for the coming mandatory two factor authentication?

News flash, if you think my phone is sufficient to authenticate a new location, you should feel the same about the registration email.

If you don’t, why is it your concern? I am the customer, where is my choice in how I wish to secure my account?

I 100% agree with you. I too am in the same boat. I like many hundreds of thousands of people in my state, do not have access to my cell phone while working in government run facilities.

Ring basically want to remove our ability to view our cameras when we are away from home.

I hope they change there mind about this, and keep email 2FA as an option.

You don’t need to use a phone for 2FA. I use a web based password manager that support TOTP so I’m able to login using that, and not a cell phone.

Hey neighbors. Over the past year we have been making various efforts to ensure our neighbor’s safety when using their Ring products and services. In an effort to stay in line with industry’s best practices, Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification, and the options that neighbors have now to log in are the SMS or an Authenticator App. If you are unable to use SMS verification, we recommend using an Authenticator App, which can be installed on a mobile device, PC, or laptop.