Two-Factor Authentication disabled on website?

Normally whenever I sign in to my Ring account (online or my iPhone) I’m required to enter the six-digit 2FA code texted to my phone. This morning, however, signing in on the website no code was sent…only my user name & password were required. I signed off and tried again, same thing (My iPhone, though, still sent the 2FA code.). Anyone else having this issue?

(BTW, this issue is for the account site; when signing in here to the Ring Community the 2FA code IS required.)

Hi @Deep13. After getting the feedback from lots of neighbors, we have introduced a new feature to the website where it can remember your PC when logging in. There is now a box you will click to have your PC remembered when logging in. It’s possible you may have clicked this box in a previous time when logging in, therefore not need the code when you have logged in recently. If you clear your Connected Client Devices in your Control Panel, you should see yourself be prompted to put in the code again until you have remembered your PC again. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I see it now! Appreciate the explanation.