Tv view of security cam two way mic issues

Set up=
Ring floodlight cam pro
Sony Bravia 4k tv
Sonos beam
Amazon 4k fire-stick

Hi all
I have a ring floodlight and all is working well in the ring app on my iPhone.

Two way audio and camera works perfectly well.

When asking Alexa to show the camera on the TV it does so no problem

However the microphone to talk two way is greyed out on the TV

Any advice on what the problem is?

Been through permissions on the TV and Sonos and all seems good

Seems pointless viewing on the TV if I then have to use the app to talk back?


Hi @Reecehutton. We have information on viewing the Live View through a FireTV with Alexa here, including some information on compatibility. To speak with visitors, try using the voice command “Alexa, talk to .”