Turning off “armed” alert announcement

When arming the the home, the “armed home” is not necessary since I was the one performing the action and already received a push notification.

It would be great to have a “silent arming” option to choose whether the arming is announced.

This would be especially useful when I arm at night when me be of my family are already in bed and could be bothered by the alert/announcement.

Another option could be a “night” mode.
Which could have a unique alerts profile for the arming as well as the door sensors.

Yes this would be a great feature. I like hearing the armed sometimes, but others, at night when family is sleeping for example, a silent arm would be great. I called to ask about this and the rep told me to turn the volume down all the way then arm it. First, that’s a terrible fix. Second, i have 3 devices that would have to get turned down… This silent arm should also include an instant arm, to skip the countdown. Recently there were a couple sketchy characters walking down the street and my wife tried to arm the system. it took the 30 seconds to arm and announced the countdown and when it was actually armed. If these people were in our driveway it would have been too close for comfort.

Here’s a feature request thread where you can vote for a silent arm feature. Hopefully they’ll add it someday.

Silence exit delay and armed announcement on demand - Products / Ring Alarm - Ring Community

The mode change alerts definitely need an option to disable and maybe other alerts that are not going to cause a call to emergency services. A status in the app would be great but I don’t necessarily need them sending me notifications on my phone.