Turning floodlights on manually and keeping them on

I am trying to turn turn my floodlights on manually as if I turned a light switch on, so I can work in my driveway at night time. Is this possible? This would include floodlights and floodlight cams.


Hi @SilveI2ado. You can use the toggle in the Ring App to manually turn the lights on your Floodlight Cam on. On the Dashboard of the Ring App, you can tap the 3 dots on the Camera Preview and then tap Lights to toggle the lights on, or you can go to Devices > your Floodlight Cam > and turn the Lights toggle on. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Reviving an older thread.

I had a party on Saturday, and wanted to keep the lights on for the entire time people were out on the deck, but the Ring Spotlight cam and Floodlight cam lights kept turning off, even though I had manually turned them on in the app. Is there a way to manually keep the lights on until I decide to turn them off in the app?

Hi @SoCalRinger. I have answered your post regrading this concern. :slightly_smiling_face: