Turn off the geo location notification FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

I get it, you have a geolocation feature. Saw that. Not interested in that. PLEASE STOP notifying me EVERY TIME I use the freak’n app!

Am I missing something? Is there a way to stop this recurring notification that has to be dismissed to proceed - beside turning on location to “always”?

Scottman74 -

Wow… that does sound annoying.

Thankfully, I am NOT experiencing the same problem.

You may get more responses, however, if you were a bit more specific.

  • Which OS version of the Ring app are you using?
  • Is the Geofence feature activated in the Ring app (even if you were not the one who turned it on)?
  • Exactly what type of notification is being displayed?

For example, if you are running an IOS (or iPadOS) version of the Ring app, is it safe to assume that you have already checked the following settings?

  • In the Ring app:

    • In the Settings menu, if you select Settings | Geofence”, does the screen that is displayed have a “Turn on Feature” button near the bottom of the screen (presumably implying that the feature is TURNED OFF)?
  • In IOS (or iPadOS):

    • In the Settings menu, if you select Ring | Location, is the status set to “NEVER”?

Good luck!

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This is happening on iphone and ipad running ios15. Every time the app is opened a notification or window slides up from the bottom of the app saying that I can access geolocation features by going into the settings on my device and enabling location services for “always”.

If I dismiss the notification, it will be back the very next time i open the app. If i click on it, which takes me to the setting menu on my phone (but do not change my location settings for the app), the notification returns again when I use the app.

Crazy thing is…I finally caved. I changed the setting to “always”, went into the ring app (no notification!) and set up a geolocation feature to remind me to arm my alarm when away from my home…
and it DID NOT WORK.

Lots of problems in the last month or two with my Ring alarm and app. (sensors not tripping the alarm, slow/laggy app, etc). Hoping this is not the beginning of a downward trend.