Turn Off 2 Factor Authentication

Please add an option to allow the customer to decide their level of security, 2 factor is an absolute nightmare for me and if it’s forced on my I’ll be cancelling my account and looking for an alternative which actually lets me be the customer and not the victim of stupid management decisions without asking the customer base.

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100 percent agree. this is draconian insanity. it doesn’t even have a feature to stay logged on. I logged on not half an hourago and have had to log on 2 more times with the 2 step from the SAME machine. the codes are inconsistently correct as well. Its sent me the wrong code three times in a row. I want it OFF. if it happened once every 6 months that’s one thing but I can’t even answer the freaking doorbell. this makes this app UNUSEABLE. FIX THIS.

I recommend everyone reading this leaves a 1 star review on amazon over this. if you cannot use your device why did we purchase it?

The application for windows does not work so I have to log in using my browser. After 3 tries (new numbers) I was able to log on. Then you have a two step for the community. Please have this as an option. At this time I am looking for another supplier of similar products.