Turn lights on Floodlight and Spotlight Cam on and off via Alexa voice commands

Fully agree, I have just installed the camera and have lost the basic functionality of our original flood light. I can’t really believe Ring have missed this basic requirement.

I would like to request that the ring floodlight cam plus would be able to have the lights turned on using alexa. From everything I’ve read so far you are not able to turn the lights on with Alexa. Thank you.

Step your game up, Ring. This feature is a no-brained, and your competition is catching up. Looking at a few other options if simple smart controls like this are not added, and quickly.

This is such a simple and useful integration. Please enable this.

Looks like it has been a year since this was first posted and no change. The Ring lights can be controlled with Alexa voice commands but the lights on the camera cannot. This is a huge downside for security if you want to turn the lights on but to do it you have to get your phone, open the app and navigate through to the camera settings. I bought these thinking that voice commands would work for the cameras, very disappointed that they do not.