Turn lights on Floodlight and Spotlight Cam on and off via Alexa voice commands

Currently, the lighting for the ring camera(s), (i.e. the spot light cameras and the flood light cameras) do not work with Alexa. It is not working at its full and basic function of its advertised name and integration of the Alexa app. The Alexa device can provide you the live viewing of the cameras when you ask for it on display for phone, or tablet or Alexa enabled device. But it cannot in the same manner activate the lights to turn them on nor turn them off. In order to perform that function you have to manually do so in the ring app. I think this integration is particularly of great need as it is a flood light as well as a camera and due to the connection with Alexa already and the fact it is a security device, it would only seem prudent that it operate in the full capacity as such described. Otherwise, it is deemed as an operating device working in half of its full potential and half of its most basic function. Thank You for your time and consideration.
Alexa should be able to independently turn on and off the lighting to camera(s) (flood light and spot light) with lights by voice command.

This would be so useful.
Would be handy and useful if all accessories for ring devices worked through Alexa as well as all accessories work through the alarm system.

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This would be great and is very much needed to have the combined Ring / Echo landscape make sense.

I can’t believe that Ring has not included Alexa control of the flood light. Whose in charge of marketing and product development there and why aren’t they fired?

It would great and very useful to be able to use voice commands with Alexa to turn on and off the lights for the Ring security camera. I also would like to be able to create a routine in Alexa to turn on and off the lights in the Ring security cameras.

Please add floodlight control via Alexa

Hi @user31270. Could you please provide some additional details on what functionality you’re looking for between Alexa and your Floodlight Cam? To learn more about the existing functionality of this integration, check out this Help Center article.

Please add the ability to turn on and off the floodlights via Alexa commands.


Please add the feature for Alexa to be able to turn on the lights on this floodlight camera. Would be great to have Alexa turn it on instead of opening the app and turning on every time I want to control if the light is on or off…Specifically, for the hard wired flood cam pro, please!


This is VERY frustrating.

The Ring skill in Alexa does not allow me to control the spotlights (On/Off) on my Spotlight Cams.

Samsung SmartThings can do this, and, in fact, the SmartThings Skill allows me to do this via Alexa (i.e. control my Spotlight Cam LED lights). There’s an annoying bug in the SmartThings Skill hence I want to control my spotlamps LED in Alexa directly via Ring (via the Ring Skill).

Not telling you your job Ring, but this simply means including the LED switch (on/off skill) in the RING skill…and this is Ring’s responsibility and code, not Alexa’s.

Bizarre that both companies are part of the Amazon group and the integration functionality is less than that of a third party. How embarrassing!

I too was very annoyed with the inabilty to control the floodlight lights with Alexa. I wanted the lights to turn on and off with sunset/sunrise but amazingly this is not an option in the Ring app. I figured I could do it in Alexa (just like my Lutron Caseta and Philips Hue lights) but no. The Ring lights are crippled and stuck within the featureless Ring app. Very disappointed with this so far and I can’t even adjust the ouptut level which is ridiculous…

I want to tell Alexa to turn the light on for one hour, or to snooze the light for one hour.

I often want to turn on my floodlight before people arrive so they can see my house number or simply want to work in my driveway without the lights turning off for no motion. Would be much more convenient to do via alexa then opening the ring app.

It’s a bit disappointing that one can’t use Alexa to turn on the lights on Spotlight Cams. This would be helpful at night when you want to see full color on your spotlight cams. Yes, I can turn the embedded lights for the spotlight cams on via the Ring app, but the whole reason we got an Echo Show 5 was so that we had voice-activated touch free visibility into our Ring system. You can use Alexa to turn on floodlights (both “independent” floodlights and those connected to a floodlight cam,) but, apparently, Alexa can’t do that with the Spotlight cam lights. Hopefully this is something that can be developed in the future! And, yes, we’ve tried having Alexa turn on individual cam lights, turn on a full group of cam lights and even “turn on all lights”. Even the latter will only turn on our floodlights.

The floodlight on the Ring Security Camera Pro cannot be controlled by either Alexa or Smartthings.

Request for the floodlight to be independently controlled through both Smartthings and Alex for home automation integration.