Try the New Rapid Ring App Today

The Rapid Ring app is now available for your iOS mobile devices! The classic Ring app is a powerful tool that allows for great control over your devices and their many settings. However, there are times when you receive a notification from your device and you want to start streaming ASAP. This is when the Rapid Ring app is most useful.

Rapid Ring is a “light” version of the classic Ring app. It includes the status of your Ring devices, the ability to activate Live View and respond to an event as quickly as possible. Learn more about Rapid Ring in this Help Center article. Please note, once you install the Rapid Ring app and turn on notifications for your devices, you will no longer receive notifications from the original Ring app. You will now only receive event notifications directly from the Rapid Ring app for speedy answering.

Go download it today! You can find it in the App Store (for iOS devices) and the Google Play Store. Just search “Rapid Ring”.

Note: The Rapid Ring App is currently only available in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada.


Any plans for an Android version?


Know other parts of the word have reported having the Android version, I just did not want to side load it. Hope the US gets it soon. Liking all the feedback I am hearing on this app.


Were is the Android version Ring??? We also need it because of the current slow, unrealible version we currently have…

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Hi neighbors! Rapid Ring is now available in the Google Play Store. Let us know how you like the app :slight_smile:



when will ist be available at the german Apple App Store?

If you are looking for beta testers in Germany, give me a sigh (TestFlight account is available).



So far liking the app. Only thing I do not like is when you hang up on the camera it does not take you to the dash board of the app. Instead it just closes the app.

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OK - Obvious Question.

Why was this not done in the Original “Classic” App?


Live View does NOT work in the Rapid Ring App

@DonC the key feature of the Rapid Ring app is for quick access to a live view on your devices. Please double check that your Ring app, Rapid Ring app, and mobile device is updated to their latest versions for intended functionality. Let us know how this goes!

The Firmware Version in my “Classic” App is 1.16.00263

But, I cannot seem to be able to check whether or not that is the most current version or to update it if necessary.

I see no way in the Rapid Ring App where a Firmware Version is noted or how to update it.

My ios Software is 12.4.1 & is up to date.

Thanks for confirming that information @DonC . No worries, I’ll be glad to help further with this. The best way to update your Ring app is to visit the IOS app store > Tap “Updates” at the bottom > find the Ring app on the next screen and tap on it, it should prompt for an update.

Also, you can search for “Ring” in the app store and download the most recent version of the Ring app that way. The most recent version is now 5.18.1, hope this helps!

My Ring “Classic” App is on Version 5.18.0

I am sure it will update itself soon.

My concern is that the “Firmware” is not showing that I have the latest version.

Since it is showing a Version # instead, it obviously needs to be updated.

How do I " force" it to update the Firmware?

Why does the Rapid Ring App not announce “There is motion at your front door” OR"Someone is at your front door" when someone rings the Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

The “Classic” Ring App does that.

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Thank you for your feedback! As always, I’ll share with the team. Also, keep an eye out for updates as we are always working to add/ improve features.

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Great idea – glad you’re looking for solutions to answer the door more quickly!

However, on my Andriod, Rapid Ring 1.0.17 installed just now, the main app page says “Alerts Disabled” under the entry for the Doorbell (Pro).

In the settings page, the circle around the bell icon is blue, indicating that’s on.

When I press the white running man icon to turn on the Motion alerts, there is the big green check mark “Saved” dialog, the icon goes blue for a second, and there is a banner saying “Motion Alerts have been enabled”… but then it reverts to the white (disabled) state.

Back to the main screen, and it says “Alerts Disabled”.

The cause was that Motion Alerts were disabled in the larger Ring app, also installed on the phone. The settings are inter-related, but cause confusion since Rapid Ring doesn’t seem to be able to make the change stick…

It’s a great addition to the main app, but didn’t realise it takes over alerting. Hopefully it is developed further to include announcements and the preview tiles. Or alternately, the ‘rapid’ feature can be integrated into the main app.


I installed the Rapid Ring App for the first time last night and I have to say it is a big improvement on the main app with regard to speed of opening alerts.

I have tried it on my home wifi and also on ‘3G / 4G’ and speeds are quite similar.

I had a little issue changing the notification tone back to my preferred tone from the default tone, but Google helped me with that, and that is done in Android itself not inside the app.

I also like it as i can now install this app on my wifes phone, gives her the ability to see the cameras with a very simple app which is not over complicated with functions she doesnt need.

A good addition I would say.

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Are you guys going to get this Rapid Ring app into the Amazon Kindle store or on the Echo Show? Seems crazy since Ring is owned by Amazon. This app is SOOO much faster on my iphone and I’m sure it would be a great success on kindles or Echo Shows

I’m living in the Netherlands and I want to use de rapid ring app also. It is not in the Applestore overhere. Can you tell me when it’s coming to the dutch Applestore?