True Customization of Security Packages

I would like to suggest the option to buy the Base Station and add on items to make a truly customized kit without having to buy the 5-piece base kit.

My boyfriend is deaf and we were looking for an easy solution to smoke/co alerts to make it safer for him when no other hearing person is home and an alarm goes off. I already had the RING doorbell and when I saw that RING had the listeners I thought that would be the perfect solution.

The problem? I had to buy the 5-piece basic kit so I could set up the listeners with the base station. So, now I have four other pieces of the kit that I don’t want or need. I live in a townhome so the square footage doesn’t warrant using the extender. For the same reason I don’t need the motion detector. I will know if someone comes in the front or back doors because of my RING doorbell at the front door and the camera out back. I don’t have any windows on the ground floor, and the only other door is a sliding glass door where the camera is. I am not planning on using the security alarm so I don’t need the keypad.

So I’ve truly spent $199 to buy the base. If I hadn’t had the doorbell already I’d have continued to look for a different solution to our situation. Why not allow people to buy whichever components they want rather than forcing components on them that they don’t want or need?