Trouble with the New A19 Smart Led Bulb

I just purchased the new A19 smart Led Bulb. I have them outside in my backyard and linked with my doorbell and stickup camera. My problem is the Auto-Shutoff timer isn’t allowing me to pick the 3 or 5 minutes? Is it because I have them linked to the cameras or something else is wrong. I have a good connection to the bridge and they come on when motion is dected with the doorbell or camera but only stay on for about 30 seconds or a minute the most. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.


I also have two A19 light bulbs in my livingroom not linked to any cameras and they also only stay on for a minute but they are set to stay on for 5 minutes. So there must be something wrong with these light bulbs. I have all of them link to the bridge and all of them have been updated after I installed them.

Hi @ddae90! Often times, when a setting is not saving properly, the common cause is connection. Please ensure your Bridge is close to either of the A19 Bulbs, and there are no large appliances between the devices that might be blocking signal. It’s good to also ensure the router can reach the Bridge with good wifi signal.

Once the in home connection variables are confirmed, the next best step will be to check your mobile device connection. While changing this Auto Shut Off Timer setting, please ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled on your mobile device. It’s worth also testing this change on wifi only, or cell data only to see if one connection works better.

If the settings still do not save, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

I had already uninstalled the ring app twice previously and that didn’t help. Nor did disabling the bluetooth and vpn help either. My connection for the bridge is great and the connection from the light bulbs to the bridge is great too. So I guess there is something else going on. I just assume that the light bulbs would stay on the number of minutes in the Auto-Shutoff timer settings that I choose after motion is detected with the doorbell or stick up camera. But the longest they stay on is a minute and that is it. I have tried everything I can think of. I even uninstalled the light bulbs and reinstalled them but that didn’t help either.

What good is this forum if no one gets back to you with the problem you are having! Same with customer support. I have been on chat, been emailed about this problem with these light bulbs and now customer support has dropped the ball on their end. No One will get back to me on this problem. I have done everything they told me to do and the problem still isn’t fixed! Beyond frustrated with this problem and not getting any help!

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Hey @ddae90. Chiming in for Marley here! I apologize that we did not get back to you. Please note that the Community forum is a neighbor to neighbor forum and not a direct line to support. In addition, due to current events, we have limited our support scope. We have made changes to our support so that a **s of April 28, our English support channel for our neighbors is only available 5AM - 8PM PDT, seven days a week via phone only. I apologize if you have been chatting in and emailing in about this concern and have not gotten support back, but this may be why! **

After reviewing this thread and reading what you have done, you have truly covered a lot of your bases with what troubleshooting you can do on your end. I do applaud you for this effort in going above and beyond for investing your time in this! What I would recommend from here is to get in direct contact with our support team over the phone. We would need to take a deeper look into your account to show how the devices and their settings are reporting on our end to make sure there are no hiccups. In addition, our support team can work with your specific devices to see how they are communicating and why they are not holding to the settings you have assigned to them.

**Again, I do apologize that you have been through hoops to get this resolved, but our support team over the phone will be able to tackle it from here with you! If you don’t mind, I would love to hear what they were able to do to get it resolved, so after being in contact with them here, please come back to the Community and share your experience! Detailing what troubleshooting you have done may help another neighbor in the future that may run into this. Hope to hear back from you soon! **


Here is my update! After a very lenghty phone call on May 3rd the tech decided to send me new A19 bulbs.

The new ones did the same thing. So I called tech support again on May 13th and after an 1hour and 40 min phone call they decided they needed to contact the delveloper of the A19 bulbs. I finally received an email back last night and as far as I’m concern this is a failed product on Rings behalf. This is want I was told. So not only does the auto-shut off timer in my backyard group stay on the 3 minutes that I would like it to after motion is detected according to this email it sounds like it might not even be an option. Now the part that I don’t understand is why Ring would release a product that doesn’t even do what it is suppose to do and why have that option in the app if you can’t even use it. I feel like I have wasted money on these A19 bulbs and that Ring is falsely advertising a product that won’t even work like it is suppose to.

| Hello.

Thank you for your patience, I have contacted the developers and they had informed me that the auto timer function is intended to be released however they have no ETA on the implementation at hand at this time.

With this thought in mind any new updates pertaining to this feature will be shown in the application if/when this feature is implemented.

I apologize for the delay, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for contacting Ring Community Support. |

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I have the same trouble, just wasted my time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with A19 bulb setup. It will not stay ON longer than 1 minute when motion was detected even if you set it to 3 or 5 minutes. Even RING support cannot fix it - they told me to delete the RING app and reboot Iphone and reinstall app, same problem. Probably a firmware fix will do but at this time NO release date yet.

Thanks for posting this. Saved me from putting a large dent in my wall where I would have presumably beat my head against it, trying to figure this out.

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Any known fixes for this? My A19 bulb only stays on for 30 seconds even though the autoshutoff is set to 5 minutes. I’ve tried to uninstall my bridge and the bulb, change the settings multiple times and move the bridge right next to the bulb.

Hi, I have been discussing this same issue with the Ring support team, and just rec’d this frustrating and unacceptable response email: “The Auto shutoff set here will not apply to linked device events. It only applies to motions that the lights in that group detect. Only devices with lights can be added to a light group.
Selecting to have the light group turn on when a linked device that is not part of that light group detects motion will not trigger the auto shutoff timer and that is why the lights only stay on for 1 minute when a motion is detected by the linked Ring Pro.”

So apparently it is only motion detected by other LIGHTING devices (that have motion-detection) IN THAT GROUP that will provide the 3-minute or 5-minute duration ON time for the A19 bulb. Motion detected by a CAMERA linked to the A19 bulb will not provide the same selective duration functionality. You get one option that is 60-seconds long. Yes, this feels utterly ridiculous from a company that claims to be an industry leader!