Trouble With Connecting

We are having difficulty with the connectivety of our system. There are two floodlight cams, one spotlight cam and a doorbell cam.

We purchased devices from Amazon that were supposed to enhanse the WIFI signal, but at any given time, at least two devices show poor WIFI connections.

I managed to program the floodlight cam lights on both floodlight cams to come on at 6:00 PM and off at 6:00 AM. But they are now off before 6:00 AM.

Hey @madman, have you reached out to our support team about this? This is a great place to start in order to get more in depth troubleshooting with your devices. If you could, please reach out to them here so they can take a look at this with you, and feel free to report back to us and let us know how it goes so it may help out other neighbors!