Triggers from contact sensors?

What all can do you with the door/window sensors? Would it be possible to play a sound on the Chime when a door is opened? Or to have it turn on a light? I’m sure there’s more to it, but from poking around all I can seem to find is that they send a notification to your phone when contact is broken.

I did see you can use them to trigger routines on Alexa, but I was wondering if there was some connection within the Ring ecosystem.

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Hey @lemm. The Contact Sensors for the Alarm system at this time cannot be set up within the Ring system to play sounds from the Ring Chime when the sensor is opened/closed. In addition, you cannot have it turn a light on/off through a setup in the Ring app. You will need to play around with Amazon Alexa Routines, or create a system through IFTTT for things like this. Feel free to share what you end up doing, as I would love to hear what you get set up! :slight_smile: